Sunday, August 30, 2009

twenty 6

B: bacon, sunny side up eggs with extra runny yolks....YUM...fruit
L: peel and eat shrimp, grilled fish cobb salad
D: odwalla green superfood, polish keilbasa with the best saurkraut and caraway

great day today.  i went down to the hotel hot tub this morning to sweat out some of the margarita.  i ate breakfast with teenagers and talked about the latest pokemon/yugi-oh hybrid t.v. show.  then, i went to my martial arts class.  i felt really slow.  it's a post alocohol day for sure.  we ate at a little restaurant on the marsh.  vitamin D from the sun is my favorite supplement to take.  there was a LONG nap involved in the late afternoon.

the boy was outside a lot.  he went skateboarding for a while.  it was good to have his friends around.  it's the last hoorah before school starts on tuesday.

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