Monday, August 17, 2009


easing back into the pace here.

B: coffee with a little azucar
L: peach, egg scramble with salmon, okra, red onion, bacon, and cantaloupe
S: pineapple, almonds
D: grilled flank steak (nice and this cave girl or vampire girl?  sometimes i wonder) with a salsa made from that pineapple, cilantro, and tomatoes from the tall guy with the strong arms and gentle eyes (we need to come up with a shorter alias) garden, grilled asparagus with a dipping sauce made from sundried tomatoes, mayo, cilantro, and siracha, washed down with a little chianti and chocolate elixir from the kakawa chocolate house ( 

it was a slow day.  that's what i need right now.  i did carry about a hundred pounds up a flight of stairs.  

mark sisson's book came to my house...finally!   the primal blueprint and the cave girl are getting acquainted.  so far, it's great.

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