Saturday, August 22, 2009

the friday forager

this one is easy at this time of year.  and that is the whole point.  make it easy (but NOT convenient).  convenient implies no effort to me, and that's not what we're after.  effort is good in the search for food.  

these little jewels are simple to find right now.  i'm pretty sure that all you have to do is take a good look around.  if you aren't nursing a plant or two, i'll wager that you know someone who is.  the tall man has been growing a tomato jungle on his side porch for months now.  

when you find a plant, take your time to choose the reddest fruits, pop them off into your hand (it's a good idea to thank the plant...particularly  if it isn't one that you have been caring for), and take them to your kitchen.  of course, you can just use these as a snack right then and there.

i use them as a fantastic base for just about anything.  sauteed with red onions and garlic in a little coconut oil, they make a very quick "relish".  the possibilities are abundant.

if you want to be really zen about the whole thing which in cave girl terms is just being aware and explorative, notice the little stem and its star base.  

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