Tuesday, August 11, 2009

i ate eight

B: some mango, a coconut (wooy..since i found that tree, i just can't leave those delicious orbs of goodness alone!), boiled egg, avocado
L: grilled goat...it was not BAAAAAAd at all (sorry), broccoli, glass of greens and whey (wanted a big salad, but that doesn't happen here on the cheap)
S:grilled goat and watermelon
D: some pork, beets, watermelon, avocado

who was a lazy cave girl today?  ME!

actually, my knee needed a day off.  i love knowing that my body is always up to something, even if i'm just laying there watching far too many episodes of numbers.  it was healing, repairing itself, preparing me for the next adventure.

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