Saturday, August 1, 2009

put the white powder down

so, i have to talk about what happened to me yesterday.

for about a week and a half now, i've been eating more and more like a cave girl.  since that modern drug, sugar, was scarce and trapped in high fiber fruits, vegetables, and honey protected by angry wild bees, my role-model didn't consume a whole lot of it.  so i haven't either.  i've been eating a lot of protein, some fruits, nuts, and plenty of vegetables (i feel amazing by the way).

yesterday, after a fantastic lunch of grilled veg and chicken with pesto sauce, i got carried away in the "feel-goodedness" of it all and decided that i should have a "treat".  so i got an iced mocha.  it was coffee (good) and chocolate syrup (not so good).  within seconds of drinking it, i felt the sugar racing through me, down my arms, and very quickly i felt very high ( i imagine high to feel...ahem).  but it was an ugly high.  i felt disoriented, a little too warm, then a little too cold, and very disconnected from my body.

then, i was nauseous and had a hard time sleeping last night.  in other words, the amount of sugar that was in that drink had me strung out for nearly 7 hours.  

it's interesting because one of the reasons that i've chosen to follow this path is because my mother is a diabetic and i could feel my sugar tolerance moving into a zone that was making me uncomfortable.  BUT, doing sugar as frequently as i was, in the form of white flour, grains, and, um, sugar, kind of overloaded my body so i didn't notice what it was really doing.  

this was an eye opener.  i encourage you to try this little experiment.  don't have any sugar for two to three days and then do.  register how you feel.  i'm pretty sure that your experience will be similar.

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