Thursday, August 6, 2009


what a weird day yesterday was.  i'm feeling a little stagnant and that contributes to feeling down.  i'm homesick for that tall guy with strong arms and gentle eyes.


B. skipped it.  had a cup of black coffee and wasn't hungry until almost 1:00
L: mango, handful of almonds, carpaccio (with hot pepper oil...yum!), and a salade nicoise (green salad with avocado, lots of basil, anchovies, tuna, and hard boiled egg), espresso
S: goose liver pate with truffles and grapes so dark they were almost black (did i mention i am 1/3 french?)
D: hamburger patty with grilled eggplant

the hamburger was almost superfluous.  i wasn't that hungry.  i'm also almost sure that it was breaded in a little flour, when i woke this morning, my joints and hands hurt like they haven't since i gave up cereals.  

lesson?  ask about preparation when you eat at restaurants.  

the kid and i did a little sprint relay outside in the yard.  it was loads of fun.  he does his "i'm too cool to show i'm having a good time" routine (he is 13), but i'll catch him do his little excited dance out the corner of my eye.  

i also did some pop-ups (surfing next week), sit ups, squats, and some jumps.  

the kid's diet really concerns me, but since we're at grandma's, it's almost a lost battle.  he is plied with pizza, breadsticks, mac and cheese, and plenty of soda.  translations: sugar, sugar, sugar, and sugar, all spiced up with some high fructose corn syrup.  i don't know how he functions.

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