Saturday, August 29, 2009


i no longer know what day of the challenge i'm on....the whole get enough sleep thing hasn't been a priority lately.

B: iced coffee with cinammon and nutmeg
S: brazil nuts, chocolate
L: steak, spinach, peppers and onion omellette with fruit, double espresso
D: greek salad with anchovies, snapper vera cruz, strawberries with chocolate syrup (HFCS...the first time in nearly a month! YIKES!) and whipped cream, AND the best darn margarita i've ever had
S: more, maybe someone should stage an intervention!

went to crossfit this morning and grunted and yelled out during the WOD.  what a difference being loud makes!  it felt great to be so cave girl about it all.  took only stairs to the fourth floor, often two at a time.  also, went for a walk on the river in the drizzle.  and falling deeper in love is apparently great for the heart.

the boy spent a lot of time in the pool with friends.  that's really healthy!

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