Sunday, August 30, 2009

twenty 6

B: bacon, sunny side up eggs with extra runny yolks....YUM...fruit
L: peel and eat shrimp, grilled fish cobb salad
D: odwalla green superfood, polish keilbasa with the best saurkraut and caraway

great day today.  i went down to the hotel hot tub this morning to sweat out some of the margarita.  i ate breakfast with teenagers and talked about the latest pokemon/yugi-oh hybrid t.v. show.  then, i went to my martial arts class.  i felt really slow.  it's a post alocohol day for sure.  we ate at a little restaurant on the marsh.  vitamin D from the sun is my favorite supplement to take.  there was a LONG nap involved in the late afternoon.

the boy was outside a lot.  he went skateboarding for a while.  it was good to have his friends around.  it's the last hoorah before school starts on tuesday.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

take a break


i no longer know what day of the challenge i'm on....the whole get enough sleep thing hasn't been a priority lately.

B: iced coffee with cinammon and nutmeg
S: brazil nuts, chocolate
L: steak, spinach, peppers and onion omellette with fruit, double espresso
D: greek salad with anchovies, snapper vera cruz, strawberries with chocolate syrup (HFCS...the first time in nearly a month! YIKES!) and whipped cream, AND the best darn margarita i've ever had
S: more, maybe someone should stage an intervention!

went to crossfit this morning and grunted and yelled out during the WOD.  what a difference being loud makes!  it felt great to be so cave girl about it all.  took only stairs to the fourth floor, often two at a time.  also, went for a walk on the river in the drizzle.  and falling deeper in love is apparently great for the heart.

the boy spent a lot of time in the pool with friends.  that's really healthy!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

are we on twenty-four?

these last few days have been life-changing.  there will be updates.

B:black coffee
S: brazil nuts and blueberries
L: seafood and spinach omelette
S2: trail mix and kombucha
D: smoked chicken with southern style green beans and coleslaw

slammed a tire to pulp and ran.  attended an awesome martial arts class.  got a muscles practically creaked and crackled.

i'm tired these days because of the stress.  i crave sugar and for the first time this whole challenge, i crave french fries.  but, it may just be because this challenge is a month long and these cravings may come along once in that sort of time span.

Monday, August 24, 2009


two thirds of the way through the challenge!

after the challenge, this blog will be experiencing some changes in content. there will be daily articles about the cave girl lifestyle and how to best implement it. i will also be writing a great summary of my whole worldview/viewpoint/life choices. yeah, stay tuned for that succinct piece!

B: flash fried flank steak, lox, tomato, garlic and egg scramble with avocado and coffee (this is becoming one of my favorite meals)
L: mixed frozen drink....mmmm...liguor and fruit! what a treat!
D: an amazing spinach salad with pecans, grilled chicken, bacon, red onions, mushrooms, and black olives

i rode my bike for a while, then walked the dog for a nice long time. i was bursting with energy! spent a lot of time outside, shirt off, by the water, with the breeze on my skin. the boy was pretty bad company. the link between diet and mood has been well established and i will be exploring that further with him. i'm really hoping that he makes that connection before i let him loose in the world. particularly this world where noone is really on your side in making the best choices for your health.

Saturday, August 22, 2009


B: flash fried flank steak with cilantro, pineapple, tomato salsa and some cherries
L: peel and eat shrimp with drawn butter, unsweetened ice tea, jerk chicken with guacamole
D: pork chop with cherry, thyme, red onion confit (inspired by marksdailyapple recipe) with spinach, chocolate

i had a wonderful cave girl kind of day.  i woke up when my body was ready.  i walked, rode my bike, went to martial arts class and ate lunch outdoors, mostly with my fingers.  i did violate a basic cave girl principle when i let my attention lapse and tried to block a knee with my shin.  i now have massive goose egg mid-shin.  

the boy went to martial arts with me, spent time outside playing to catch raindrops in a cup, didn't play any video games today and he was all of a sudden this wonderful human being.  coincidence?  i think not.

take a break

the friday forager

this one is easy at this time of year.  and that is the whole point.  make it easy (but NOT convenient).  convenient implies no effort to me, and that's not what we're after.  effort is good in the search for food.  

these little jewels are simple to find right now.  i'm pretty sure that all you have to do is take a good look around.  if you aren't nursing a plant or two, i'll wager that you know someone who is.  the tall man has been growing a tomato jungle on his side porch for months now.  

when you find a plant, take your time to choose the reddest fruits, pop them off into your hand (it's a good idea to thank the plant...particularly  if it isn't one that you have been caring for), and take them to your kitchen.  of course, you can just use these as a snack right then and there.

i use them as a fantastic base for just about anything.  sauteed with red onions and garlic in a little coconut oil, they make a very quick "relish".  the possibilities are abundant.

if you want to be really zen about the whole thing which in cave girl terms is just being aware and explorative, notice the little stem and its star base.  

Friday, August 21, 2009


the waves were great today, but it didn't work out to be on them.  that's  fine with me.  i went to the beach with the tall man to watch the surfers.  after watching, the water was just too inviting.  being in the ocean is like immersing myself in an elixir.  i am always healed.  the homesickness, the culture shock, has been rinsed off of me.  i can bathe in the same water that envelopes the land that i've known as home...home in my bones.  

i can imagine the cave girls that lived thousands of years ago moving from cave to cave, hunting ground to hunting ground, always searching for survival (or maybe just seasonal vacation spots).  how much easier it must have been to understand the interconnectedness of all places when she could count the paces.  how much better she felt each home blending into the next to create a world of home through the flexing of her thighs.  how much intimacy she must have created with each plant, each rock, each fallen leaf through the speaking skin of her feet.  how much commitment she must have felt to the water that she swam in naked and vulnerable.  

so, after the engagement with the waves, i headed to a field where i played with my wolf-dog.  with my skirt dancing in the breeze of our own making, i took in the land with large strides.  it is all the same, this home of mine.  it stretches out in all directions, reaching back onto itself, back in time and forward in my imagination.  i am home always.

this evening, i played tug-of-war with the tall man's akita.  she is beautiful.  she is fully dog in a way that i strive to be fully human.  i felt her strength.  i felt my own.  i was unafraid.  i am a cave girl.

B: coffee, blueberries
L: blueberries, peach, scrambled eggs, salmon, zucchini, tomatoes, red onions, garlic, and avocadoes with a sprinkling of black, lava salt and more coffee
S: a couple squares of....wait for it...chocolate (i know!)
D: hamburger patty with caramelized onions, mushrooms and a salad with blue cheese dressing (stranger danger, stranger danger!!!), with dark chocolate and sea salt covered almonds

the boy is far too teenagered out these days.  the video games and the anime have him completely hypnotized.  i realize also how much time and with what difficulty it will take to change his diet.  setting a goal to change someone else's behavior was probably not the "surest thing".

i've allowed myself quite a bit of rest this week, but i feel very ready to dial up the intensity.  

Thursday, August 20, 2009

diez y siete

B: almond and part of a peach, coffee
L: sashimi and seaweed salad
S: crab meat, artichokes, blueberries, almonds, and chocolate (okay, that sounds a lot more like a meal, huh?)
D:chicken mole with extra guacamole (oh my god...meat AND chocolate????)

felt very non-cave girl today.  spent a lot of time indoors, sedentary, and feeling artificial.

we'll chalk it up to a lapse.  

in other news, my quip for marks daily apple's contest placed 7th.  not too bad...

Be a 100% free-range, organic and wild animal.  Go primal.

The sun has set and I need some deep sleep.  I will be headed out to the waves when it creeps back up over the horizon.  My body will feel the salt water.  I will play with that tall man with the strong arms and gentle eyes.  And I will feel wild again.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

sweet sixteen

B: a little pineapple, a little peach, some leftover tuna, leftover chicken sausage, and leftover burger (surf, turf, and coup)
S: chocolate and almonds
L: salad greens with olives, garlic, perppers, and rotisserie chicken
D: plum, ground beef with veg and cuke and avocado "salsa"

i'm absolutely exhausted.  i got to walk a ways when my tire blew.  but, the high point was getting back to my martial arts class after six weeks of absence.  really trying to manage the stress of being in a less than ideal cave girl atmosphere....

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

la mitad

i am halfway through the challenge raised by and fifteen days into something ancient.

my sugar cravings are gone. i feel a freedom in my eating that i haven't had since childhood. i can go hours without the panicky jitters that i used to get when i was on the carbohydrate roller coaster. my joints have not ached except for my wrists twice. i sleep better, deeper. my energy is up. apparently, i've lost weight but the only person that weighs me is a nurse once or twice a year when i go in for checkups. i feel that i finally recognize the person looking back at me in the mirror. this works for me. of course, it does, i'm a cave girl.

B: black coffee with a little sugar, cantaloupe, pineapple and a boiled egg
L: grilled chicken, cucumber and cherry tomato dill salad, chocolate
S: almonds, iced coffee with cinnamon (not a great idea...still jumpy)
D: caramelized onions with okra and basil, sauteed spinach with garlic and lemon, seared tuna steaks encrusted with pistachios (SO YUMMY!)

i started school today.  it's so hard to sit inside for hours, especially when it is sublime outside.  i managed to get some steady aerobic exercise in by walking the longest way around to all my classes carrying about 20 pounds of books.  i also took a break from the stuffy inside.  i spread my sarong out on the grass in the asian garden, hiked my dress up around my thighs, pulled it down from my shoulders, dangled my feet off the edge to feel the grass between my toes, and welcomed the sun into my skin.  clothing is SO unnatural!

i walked my second favorite dog this evening before preparing dinner.  after being inside for hours, my body craves activity.  i'm learning to listen closely to what my body says.  eating and moving is becoming more instinctual.  i'm getting wilder by the day.

Monday, August 17, 2009


easing back into the pace here.

B: coffee with a little azucar
L: peach, egg scramble with salmon, okra, red onion, bacon, and cantaloupe
S: pineapple, almonds
D: grilled flank steak (nice and this cave girl or vampire girl?  sometimes i wonder) with a salsa made from that pineapple, cilantro, and tomatoes from the tall guy with the strong arms and gentle eyes (we need to come up with a shorter alias) garden, grilled asparagus with a dipping sauce made from sundried tomatoes, mayo, cilantro, and siracha, washed down with a little chianti and chocolate elixir from the kakawa chocolate house ( 

it was a slow day.  that's what i need right now.  i did carry about a hundred pounds up a flight of stairs.  

mark sisson's book came to my house...finally!   the primal blueprint and the cave girl are getting acquainted.  so far, it's great.

days dozen through 14

so the past couple of days have been lost in the ether of time.

this is what i can tell you: 

i ate according to my cave girl diet, even while traveling (even in the miami airport!).  i found that i have an increased sensitivity to dramamine.  i don't know if it's because i've been eating so cleanly or what.  

i hiked one day to spend time with a dear friend over coffee on her porch, scented with basil.  (the porch, not the coffee)  in that one fell swoop, i feel that so much of my life philosophy was captured.  

the next day i traveled from "the arms of people who love me into the arms of other people that love me".  that is what it means to be rich. (thanks jan for that awareness.)

then the next day, i camped out in a nearby cave, only emerging to eat fish, then heading back.  

sex is great cave exercise.

i am in pretty deep culture shock.  i've gone from a place where living like a cave girl is easy.  the pace of life is slow.  sleep comes when the sun sets and ebbs away with the sunrise.  food is local (REALLY local...avocadoes and coconuts and mangos drop into the yard) and fresh.  (with no refrigeration it can't be any other way.) living outside is easy because the outside and inside move seamlessly into each other.  relationships are intimate and casual at the same time.  drums echo under the moon.  and coffee percolates whenever two or more are gathered.

now, i'm here.  where money is god, the mall is the church, and stuff is a religion.  

but, part of being a cave girl is resourcefulness.  there are waves to ride, state parks to hike, weeds to forage, fish to catch, dogs to sprint with, love to be made, and a new cave to find.

Friday, August 14, 2009

eleven and twelve

wow...really tired.  went surfing yesterday and since cave girls really aren't supposed to drive, forgot all about the car keys to the rental in the pocket of my board shorts.  so, got to wait around for 5 extra hours for the fantastic Hertz people to bring me a key from the capital.  didn't get home until after 11:00.

day eleven:

B: watermelon, eggs, coffee
S: sliced turkey breast wrapped around white asparagus
S2: some zabriko, avocado
D: grilled lobster over lettuce, tomatoes, onions, cabbage and lime salad with avocadoes

this was a sprint day.  i sprint in intervals and just go until i can't any more.  i added a few strides each sprint until the last sprint was almost double the distance of the first.  

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

ten ten ten

i'm sitting with gravel under my bare feet, listening to the ocean, with a hammock in sight (haven't mastered the art of mounting a hammock with a computer in hand after a glass of wine).

B: coffee, leftover curried salmon cake, tomatoes, cabbage and lime salad, watermelon, and COCONUT!
S: peppered turkey wrapped around white asparagus
S2: some zabriko (haitian fruit that is somewhere between a mango and an apple in taste) and a slice of avocado
D: grilled lobster with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, cabbage, avocado, and squeezed with lime and the aforementioned glass of red wine

today was a sprint day.  it was so great to be active after a couple rest days.  i sprinted up a slight incline which was a lot easier on my knee.  i also did some push-ups, crunches, burpees, and pop-ups.  the surfboard is on the roof of the car and the waves are calling my name: "cave girl, cave girl....let's play".


so, the internet is awkwardly slow.  i have decided to enjoy the last three days here in paradise.  i have so much to say, but until sunday, i will just be continuing to keep the 30 day primal blueprint challenge journal.  

check back by monday for far more interesting entries.


B: coffee
L: coconut, twice-fried beef (haitian specialty), avocado, watermelon, cabbage, carrot, and lime salad, and espresso
S: chocolate (no one's surprised by this, huh?)
D: curried salmon cake over black olives, tomatoes, and a dollop of mayo (yes, it was that good)

i drove A LOT today.  so by dinnertime, i was completely exhausted.  it was another rest day for my knee.  at least the kid was along for the adventure.  it's good to have my very un-cave girl-like sisters here, though.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

i ate eight

B: some mango, a coconut (wooy..since i found that tree, i just can't leave those delicious orbs of goodness alone!), boiled egg, avocado
L: grilled was not BAAAAAAd at all (sorry), broccoli, glass of greens and whey (wanted a big salad, but that doesn't happen here on the cheap)
S:grilled goat and watermelon
D: some pork, beets, watermelon, avocado

who was a lazy cave girl today?  ME!

actually, my knee needed a day off.  i love knowing that my body is always up to something, even if i'm just laying there watching far too many episodes of numbers.  it was healing, repairing itself, preparing me for the next adventure.

Monday, August 10, 2009


mmmm...the ocean.  

B: dark chocolate with almonds, blueberries, and cranberries
L: creole conch with cabbage and lime salad, also had a couple bites of sea cockroach (a.k.a. lobster)
D: eggs scrambled with onions, asparagus, a little herring over avocado

i made some strong mint/spearmint ice tea that i sipped on all day to stay hydrated without the boredom that can sometimes set in with drinking water all the time.  it was a good idea.

we went to the beach today.  there were a lot more people than i like to share the beach with.  BUT, the sun was warm, the sky was blue, the water was refreshing, and the company was fun.  

just doing the doggy paddle was exhausting today.  there were a lot of choppy waves.  i did swim quite a distance.  i must have done something to my knee because it feels wrenched.  i don't remember hurting it, though.  hmmm.....

the boy was a fish all day.  he is a pisces, after all.

Saturday, August 8, 2009


B: black coffee, some mango, a couple grapes, a coconut (water and meat), a couple bites of leftover burger
L: leftover burger, sauteed veg., a glass of freshly sieved rasberries (o.k. juice...sue me)
S: a couple grapes, a bite or two of pate de foie (this one was canned and i had to check the ingredients S.T.A.T. when it had such a different mouth feel from the stuff i usually get.  result?  POTATO STARCH!!!!!!!  i mean, really), and dark chocolate
D: carrots, a couple green beans, and pot roast 
S: greens and whey protein (I KNOW!  i'm having a hard time with this one.  i'm in the caribbean and i just don't have access to as many leafy greens as i usually do and my body is just craving this stuff!)

i walked in the mountains a little bit today.  enough to get the heart rate up and the calves sore (which really isn't much, it was so steep).  worked on the vitamin D stores by soaking up some sun while the kid swam.

i'm wanting to do some heavy lifting and some moderate intensity cardio.  i drove around a lot today.  that always fatigues me.

take a break

today is saturday.  saturday is the one day of the week that making any sort of social or work commitment will make me break out in hives.  this cave girl needs time to re-create herself.  so, each saturday, you'll get a pretty picture and if i feel up to it, maybe an inspiring thought....

.......but i'm not committing to that.

Friday, August 7, 2009

day number FIVE

B: black coffee then nothing until 12:30
S: coconut (that i got all by myself, like a big girl...see previous post)
L: salad with turkey breast, olives, avocado, green grapes, hydroponic lettuce (i creeps me out, too) and a couple bites of herring
S: mango, some grapes, some chicken creole with veg.
D: buttered, steamed zucchini, nori-wrapped burger (yes, i said it....nori-wrapped burger) with tomatoes, onion, mayo and mustard (good goddess, it was good.  messy, bloody meat wrapped in seaweed eaten with my hands.  can it get any more cave girl?)

i had a great workout this morning.  i set an obstacle course in the yard complete with rock throwing, tire flipping, burpees, plyometric jumping, stair climbing, and vertical ab thrusts.  i did three rounds of it.

the boy was full on teenager today.  he slept until 11 and played video games all day. he didn't step outside until we ate dinner on the patio.  when i mentioned, with my mouth full of burger and its juice running down my arms, that that was the first he'd been outside today, he ran around the patio yelling and did 40 jumping jacks.  he squeezed by on a technicality.

the friday forager-caribbean edition

every friday i will be posting some pictures of something that i've foraged.  cave girls know their surroundings and the plenty that can be found.  eating something that you worked to find, pluck, pick, rip up, hunt down, or pummel brings you closer to understanding how precious food is.  i find that it is fostering in me a deep respect for the plants and animals that die so we can live.  it also shatters the myth of the stupid, bumbling cave man.  (a shout out to geico's marketing people...they've got our cave brother's backs!  but, little gecko, talk to your peeps about the cave GIRL.  she was pretty important, y'know?)  our ancestors had skills that we've lost.  but we can totally get them back. 

 i hit the jackpot today.  here are the pictures of what i foraged:

not skilled enough to climb the tree so the cave girl uses what she can to get the job done, in this case, some bamboo, and shakes the coconut free

drinking the coconut water from an expertly placed hole by someone who has used a machete for far more than the last five minutes

THAT is how to wield a machete people!  a coconut or a will be helpless before me!  roar!

once the coconut is impaled, smack the machete and coconut against something hard

and you can split it open to get to the meat...or as it's known here, the nan-nan

Cocos nucifera: the coconut
other than tasting fantabulous, the coconut is fantastic for helping with dehydration, the water was used in the place of plasma for transfusions, the meat is an excellent source of fat and vitamin D, as well as glucose, levulose, and dextrose, the oil is both anti-viral and anti-fungal, the husk can be used to make an alcohol tincture to help reinvigorate the elderly and a tea from the husk is helpful in stopping diarrhea, the shells can be used as gas masks and make awesome luau tops.

this info is from "les plantes et les legumes d'haiti qui guerissent, volume II" by brutus and pierre-noel

*thanks to the awesome kid with the big hair who calls me mom for the pics
**note to the chicken running around the yard:  you are SO lucky that i've just started sprinting.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

the cave girl way

i had to laugh when i walked into my mom's kitchen the other day.  on the fridge is an old collage i did.  the paper is brittle.  the images are faded.  it was an exercise in one of my group therapy sessions.  (ah, depression!)  one side of the collage was who i was then, with my destructive habits.  the other was who i wanted to be, with new, nurturing habits.  i had folded the collage so that only the "new me" was exposed.  focusing on the good and all that crap.  

smack dab in the middle of the images that were going to save me was a cave man.  tall, fit, hairy, carrying a big stick, he was dressed in the skin of his last meal.  

when i was a little girl, i would sit at the kitchen table after school.  i would crouch on a chair like a little bird as my dad cut up steak, tossed it into hot oil for a couple seconds, then toss it onto my plate.  it was hot, seared on the outside, and still almost mooing on the inside.  i loved it.  

i also loved mounds of chard in butter, parsleyed carrots, salads, fish, and cow tongue.  

i was a strange child.  

i loved food.  but, specifically, meat and vegetables.  i hated peanuts.  

growing up, i read books.  i read all the health books, all the weight loss books.  it wasn't until i started following these diet programs that i started to gain weight.  it wasn't until i started working out twice a day that i started to have all sorts of body aches.  when i was in college, i became a vegetarian and gained 20 pounds.  later, i became a vegan and gained 10 more.  

i also discovered the self-improvement section at the bookstore.  wow, did i ever have a long way to go before i could be an acceptable human being.  i didn't realize how wrong i was about everything until the experts told me i was.

all my life, i've been a seeker.  of course, i became a seeker around the time i learned that i didn't know things.  i became a seeker when i was introduced to the concept of "the expert".  people that had never met me, didn't know my story, had never known it was even possible for a haitian girl to have white skin (see how very little the experts know?), didn't know what i loved,  and how i loved it, were experts about me.  and i, the only person that has been consistently around me since there has been a me to be around, knew nothing.

it has been a process, but little things over time have brought me back to myself.  oh, dorothy, it was inside you all along....the person that i was at 4 years old DID know everything.  she is the cave girl to whose knowledge i defer.  and this is what she knew:

1. meat (the bloodier the better), vegetables, soups, some fruit, and almonds (preferably cracked open herself near the roots of the tree) was really good food

2. playing was the best way to get anything done

3. it's fun to run around and get really sweaty while laughing and wearing pretty dresses and the wind feels best when you're not wearing anything at all

4. dancing is the best way to tell a story

5. it is physically impossible to be sad at the beach

6. hugs and kisses are better than dollar bills

7. god only exists because we have awesome imaginations that can create all sorts of other things, too

8. sleep after playing hard all day is especially sweet

9. catching a fish yourself makes it taste better

10. boys are great playmates

these things, and others have started to gel into something of a "philosophy".  i've found many very helpful sources on how to live like a cave man and what it can do for your health. i'm very interested in what my primal self, my true self has to say about the rest of living as well.

this blog will touch on all aspects of living true to our oldest selves, the selves that we were in perfect communication with before society cut us off.  my four year old self and my 40,000 year old self are in perfect communion, i do believe.


b: last of the goose liver with truffles, mango, black coffee, and a glass of greens
l: some roasted chicken with sauteed vegetables
d: fantabulous beef with spicy eggplant mush and avocado
s: cachiman (pictured above....she's ugly but she's good, like a toothless hooker), a glass of whey protein, and chocolate

the kid and i went swimming again.  i had no problem soaking up the vitamin D from a lounge chair.  i swam a few laps until i was tired.

i've noticed that the more active i am, the less hungry i am that day.  i also crave a lot more protein when i'm active.  today, i was slow moving and just felt ravenous.  any science to back this up?

another interesting thing that i've noted since keeping this food journal (and i'm doing it the cave girl way, before milligrams and the concept of calories were invented) is that i'm doing more "fake" food than i'd like.  the glasses of greens and the whey protein are not my favorite way to get my nutrition.  i'll be working on this.


what a weird day yesterday was.  i'm feeling a little stagnant and that contributes to feeling down.  i'm homesick for that tall guy with strong arms and gentle eyes.


B. skipped it.  had a cup of black coffee and wasn't hungry until almost 1:00
L: mango, handful of almonds, carpaccio (with hot pepper oil...yum!), and a salade nicoise (green salad with avocado, lots of basil, anchovies, tuna, and hard boiled egg), espresso
S: goose liver pate with truffles and grapes so dark they were almost black (did i mention i am 1/3 french?)
D: hamburger patty with grilled eggplant

the hamburger was almost superfluous.  i wasn't that hungry.  i'm also almost sure that it was breaded in a little flour, when i woke this morning, my joints and hands hurt like they haven't since i gave up cereals.  

lesson?  ask about preparation when you eat at restaurants.  

the kid and i did a little sprint relay outside in the yard.  it was loads of fun.  he does his "i'm too cool to show i'm having a good time" routine (he is 13), but i'll catch him do his little excited dance out the corner of my eye.  

i also did some pop-ups (surfing next week), sit ups, squats, and some jumps.  

the kid's diet really concerns me, but since we're at grandma's, it's almost a lost battle.  he is plied with pizza, breadsticks, mac and cheese, and plenty of soda.  translations: sugar, sugar, sugar, and sugar, all spiced up with some high fructose corn syrup.  i don't know how he functions.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


so today went a little something like this:

B: chicken and veg. stew with avocado, black coffee
L. chicken and veg. stew with mango and chachiman (it's a haitian fruit for which i have no english name)
D:....wait for got it...chicken and veg. stew with avocado
S: a glass of greens
S2: a glass of whey protein and some dark chocolate

kind of violates the whole variety principle a little bit HOWEVER there must have been days in the ol' cave when a big pot o' soup was dipped into over and over while they went about their lives.  besides, it's DAMN good soup.

got the kid outside for a little while for some tire flipping and some running.  i also did some crunches, pushups, jumping jacks, and some jumping.  


being the book dork that i am, i thought i would provide some actual dictionary definitions for a couple "P" words that will be found on this blog.

primal adj. 1. first, original; primeval 2. of first importance; fundamental

paleo- a combining form meaning "old" or "ancient"

play (which by the way had 93 different entries/meanings!!!  woohoo!  i'll spare you most of them) 17. a space in which something, as part of a mechanism, can move 18. freedom of movement within a space 48. to exercise or employ oneself in diversion, amusement, or recreation 49. to do something in sport that is not to be taken seriously 62. to move about lightly or quickly 69. b. to do something without seriousness

Monday, August 3, 2009

dia numero uno

day one:

b: leftover veal cutlet, avocado, some tomato, some peppers, some onions, some mango
l: turkey breast, olives, almonds (was so on the run!)
d: steak, ginormous salad with pineapple
s: LOTS of chocolate (mmm....)

went swimming with the kid: raced a couple laps, challenged each other to silly ways to swim across the pool, was taught how to "launch" by jumping out from under the water.  y'know...played.

simple but sacred

so as someone who doesn't believe in the supernatural or the possibility of a god (i would come right out and say atheist but that tends to frighten people), i really don't hold anything to be of great spiritual significance.
except one thing.  i even have a huge altar to it.  most people do, but they call it a bed.  i worship sleep.  it is sacred.  it is my religion.  the hushed tones of my snoring are my prayers.  the dreams that alight behind my closed eyes are my holy visions.  passionflower and ashwagandha are my communion when i feel distant from my god of slumber.

after a good night's sleep is when i best comprehend the concept of being born again.

since i am a cave girl, i know that sleep and the evolutionary adaptation of repair that goes on in my brain and body while i "go to meeting" is essential to my health.  when i watch my animals sleep with no apologies, in a comfortable spot (preferably in a sunbeam), i feel quite connected.  i get it.

i curl up and snooze in a sunbeam or draped over the top of the couch or on a good, shaggy carpet, too.  

i was fortunate that i was raised by a father who napped every day.  my sister and i knew that from 1:30-3:00, the house had to be silent.  if for any reason, one of our cat fights got out of hand, he'd yell from his armchair: "SLEEP IS SACRED!!!!"

so, i inherited it like most people inherit catholicism.

the challenge

today is the first day of the primal blueprint challenge.  pretty pumped.

i have three goals for this month:

1. to increase my muscle mass and explosive power
2. to have daily, active, outdoor play with my son
3. to get that son on to follow the blueprint (at least half-ass)

so, those goals aren't S.M.A.R.T. know, specific, bla bla bla, timely?

but, good ones none the less.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

movin' on up, around, down, and at 90 kmph

Q. why is it so much more exhausting to sit in a car for six hours than to play, swim, run, jump, and dance for six hours?

A. because we animals were meant to use our bodies.

just got back from the other side of the island and i'm BEAT. i never feel like this after a day of activity.

*tomorrow begins the primal blueprint challenge at I'M STOKED! this may be a good time for anyone else to check out one of my sources of information and inspiration.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

the modern look

okay, this is what i look like right now at 36.  (yep, that flash IS intentional)  this animal/cave girl thing is NOT about wanting to change the appearance of my body, but to lock into how my body is supposed to perform. the great motivation for this is to better the function of my brain.  my brain and my body are the same.  my body is not a tool, it is not my temple, it is not something to be conquered, it is not an ornament.  my body is ME.  and i do consider myself something of a MILF, so if the look of my body doesn't change, that's great with me.  what i do want is to be fit, functional, powerful, graceful, strong, and a wolf.  i just wanted to post this to see if there is going to be a comparison to be made.  and a shout out to crow at four start tattoo in santa fe!  i love my new tattoo!  LOVE IT! (i want to marry it :) )

put the white powder down

so, i have to talk about what happened to me yesterday.

for about a week and a half now, i've been eating more and more like a cave girl.  since that modern drug, sugar, was scarce and trapped in high fiber fruits, vegetables, and honey protected by angry wild bees, my role-model didn't consume a whole lot of it.  so i haven't either.  i've been eating a lot of protein, some fruits, nuts, and plenty of vegetables (i feel amazing by the way).

yesterday, after a fantastic lunch of grilled veg and chicken with pesto sauce, i got carried away in the "feel-goodedness" of it all and decided that i should have a "treat".  so i got an iced mocha.  it was coffee (good) and chocolate syrup (not so good).  within seconds of drinking it, i felt the sugar racing through me, down my arms, and very quickly i felt very high ( i imagine high to feel...ahem).  but it was an ugly high.  i felt disoriented, a little too warm, then a little too cold, and very disconnected from my body.

then, i was nauseous and had a hard time sleeping last night.  in other words, the amount of sugar that was in that drink had me strung out for nearly 7 hours.  

it's interesting because one of the reasons that i've chosen to follow this path is because my mother is a diabetic and i could feel my sugar tolerance moving into a zone that was making me uncomfortable.  BUT, doing sugar as frequently as i was, in the form of white flour, grains, and, um, sugar, kind of overloaded my body so i didn't notice what it was really doing.  

this was an eye opener.  i encourage you to try this little experiment.  don't have any sugar for two to three days and then do.  register how you feel.  i'm pretty sure that your experience will be similar.