Tuesday, August 18, 2009

la mitad

i am halfway through the challenge raised by http://www.marksdailyapple.com/ and fifteen days into something ancient.

my sugar cravings are gone. i feel a freedom in my eating that i haven't had since childhood. i can go hours without the panicky jitters that i used to get when i was on the carbohydrate roller coaster. my joints have not ached except for my wrists twice. i sleep better, deeper. my energy is up. apparently, i've lost weight but the only person that weighs me is a nurse once or twice a year when i go in for checkups. i feel that i finally recognize the person looking back at me in the mirror. this works for me. of course, it does, i'm a cave girl.

B: black coffee with a little sugar, cantaloupe, pineapple and a boiled egg
L: grilled chicken, cucumber and cherry tomato dill salad, chocolate
S: almonds, iced coffee with cinnamon (not a great idea...still jumpy)
D: caramelized onions with okra and basil, sauteed spinach with garlic and lemon, seared tuna steaks encrusted with pistachios (SO YUMMY!)

i started school today.  it's so hard to sit inside for hours, especially when it is sublime outside.  i managed to get some steady aerobic exercise in by walking the longest way around to all my classes carrying about 20 pounds of books.  i also took a break from the stuffy inside.  i spread my sarong out on the grass in the asian garden, hiked my dress up around my thighs, pulled it down from my shoulders, dangled my feet off the edge to feel the grass between my toes, and welcomed the sun into my skin.  clothing is SO unnatural!

i walked my second favorite dog this evening before preparing dinner.  after being inside for hours, my body craves activity.  i'm learning to listen closely to what my body says.  eating and moving is becoming more instinctual.  i'm getting wilder by the day.

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