Monday, August 10, 2009


mmmm...the ocean.  

B: dark chocolate with almonds, blueberries, and cranberries
L: creole conch with cabbage and lime salad, also had a couple bites of sea cockroach (a.k.a. lobster)
D: eggs scrambled with onions, asparagus, a little herring over avocado

i made some strong mint/spearmint ice tea that i sipped on all day to stay hydrated without the boredom that can sometimes set in with drinking water all the time.  it was a good idea.

we went to the beach today.  there were a lot more people than i like to share the beach with.  BUT, the sun was warm, the sky was blue, the water was refreshing, and the company was fun.  

just doing the doggy paddle was exhausting today.  there were a lot of choppy waves.  i did swim quite a distance.  i must have done something to my knee because it feels wrenched.  i don't remember hurting it, though.  hmmm.....

the boy was a fish all day.  he is a pisces, after all.

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