Monday, August 3, 2009

simple but sacred

so as someone who doesn't believe in the supernatural or the possibility of a god (i would come right out and say atheist but that tends to frighten people), i really don't hold anything to be of great spiritual significance.
except one thing.  i even have a huge altar to it.  most people do, but they call it a bed.  i worship sleep.  it is sacred.  it is my religion.  the hushed tones of my snoring are my prayers.  the dreams that alight behind my closed eyes are my holy visions.  passionflower and ashwagandha are my communion when i feel distant from my god of slumber.

after a good night's sleep is when i best comprehend the concept of being born again.

since i am a cave girl, i know that sleep and the evolutionary adaptation of repair that goes on in my brain and body while i "go to meeting" is essential to my health.  when i watch my animals sleep with no apologies, in a comfortable spot (preferably in a sunbeam), i feel quite connected.  i get it.

i curl up and snooze in a sunbeam or draped over the top of the couch or on a good, shaggy carpet, too.  

i was fortunate that i was raised by a father who napped every day.  my sister and i knew that from 1:30-3:00, the house had to be silent.  if for any reason, one of our cat fights got out of hand, he'd yell from his armchair: "SLEEP IS SACRED!!!!"

so, i inherited it like most people inherit catholicism.

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  1. Oh yes sister ... sleep is to worship. But i am being an atheaist these days... Thanks for remeinding me to bo back to teh sacred.