Friday, August 7, 2009

day number FIVE

B: black coffee then nothing until 12:30
S: coconut (that i got all by myself, like a big girl...see previous post)
L: salad with turkey breast, olives, avocado, green grapes, hydroponic lettuce (i creeps me out, too) and a couple bites of herring
S: mango, some grapes, some chicken creole with veg.
D: buttered, steamed zucchini, nori-wrapped burger (yes, i said it....nori-wrapped burger) with tomatoes, onion, mayo and mustard (good goddess, it was good.  messy, bloody meat wrapped in seaweed eaten with my hands.  can it get any more cave girl?)

i had a great workout this morning.  i set an obstacle course in the yard complete with rock throwing, tire flipping, burpees, plyometric jumping, stair climbing, and vertical ab thrusts.  i did three rounds of it.

the boy was full on teenager today.  he slept until 11 and played video games all day. he didn't step outside until we ate dinner on the patio.  when i mentioned, with my mouth full of burger and its juice running down my arms, that that was the first he'd been outside today, he ran around the patio yelling and did 40 jumping jacks.  he squeezed by on a technicality.

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