Saturday, August 1, 2009

the modern look

okay, this is what i look like right now at 36.  (yep, that flash IS intentional)  this animal/cave girl thing is NOT about wanting to change the appearance of my body, but to lock into how my body is supposed to perform. the great motivation for this is to better the function of my brain.  my brain and my body are the same.  my body is not a tool, it is not my temple, it is not something to be conquered, it is not an ornament.  my body is ME.  and i do consider myself something of a MILF, so if the look of my body doesn't change, that's great with me.  what i do want is to be fit, functional, powerful, graceful, strong, and a wolf.  i just wanted to post this to see if there is going to be a comparison to be made.  and a shout out to crow at four start tattoo in santa fe!  i love my new tattoo!  LOVE IT! (i want to marry it :) )


  1. Hi Cave Girl! :-) Okay, I have to say that I think you look VERY attractive... FWIW! ;-) Keep on keepin' on with the primal lifestyle... us Groks and Grokettes (?) have to support each other. May your 30-day challenge be all you want it to be and then some!

    Tom ("Young Fogey" on MDA)

  2. thanks tom....grokettes? they're the one's that played the radio city music hall in the paleolithic era, right? :) and FWIW? i'm not THAT hip to know what that means....