Thursday, August 6, 2009


b: last of the goose liver with truffles, mango, black coffee, and a glass of greens
l: some roasted chicken with sauteed vegetables
d: fantabulous beef with spicy eggplant mush and avocado
s: cachiman (pictured above....she's ugly but she's good, like a toothless hooker), a glass of whey protein, and chocolate

the kid and i went swimming again.  i had no problem soaking up the vitamin D from a lounge chair.  i swam a few laps until i was tired.

i've noticed that the more active i am, the less hungry i am that day.  i also crave a lot more protein when i'm active.  today, i was slow moving and just felt ravenous.  any science to back this up?

another interesting thing that i've noted since keeping this food journal (and i'm doing it the cave girl way, before milligrams and the concept of calories were invented) is that i'm doing more "fake" food than i'd like.  the glasses of greens and the whey protein are not my favorite way to get my nutrition.  i'll be working on this.

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