Monday, August 17, 2009

days dozen through 14

so the past couple of days have been lost in the ether of time.

this is what i can tell you: 

i ate according to my cave girl diet, even while traveling (even in the miami airport!).  i found that i have an increased sensitivity to dramamine.  i don't know if it's because i've been eating so cleanly or what.  

i hiked one day to spend time with a dear friend over coffee on her porch, scented with basil.  (the porch, not the coffee)  in that one fell swoop, i feel that so much of my life philosophy was captured.  

the next day i traveled from "the arms of people who love me into the arms of other people that love me".  that is what it means to be rich. (thanks jan for that awareness.)

then the next day, i camped out in a nearby cave, only emerging to eat fish, then heading back.  

sex is great cave exercise.

i am in pretty deep culture shock.  i've gone from a place where living like a cave girl is easy.  the pace of life is slow.  sleep comes when the sun sets and ebbs away with the sunrise.  food is local (REALLY local...avocadoes and coconuts and mangos drop into the yard) and fresh.  (with no refrigeration it can't be any other way.) living outside is easy because the outside and inside move seamlessly into each other.  relationships are intimate and casual at the same time.  drums echo under the moon.  and coffee percolates whenever two or more are gathered.

now, i'm here.  where money is god, the mall is the church, and stuff is a religion.  

but, part of being a cave girl is resourcefulness.  there are waves to ride, state parks to hike, weeds to forage, fish to catch, dogs to sprint with, love to be made, and a new cave to find.

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